Common Mistakes In DUI Cases

Common DUI Arrest Mistakes

Do Not Repeat the Mistakes Others Have Made

At Cherry DUI Law, our attorneys have decades of experience helping people in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania overcome drunk driving charges. Over the years, we have seen the mistakes that people make on a regular basis, and the unfortunate repercussions. Understand that there is not likely going to be a chance for a do-over. Do things right the first time and avoid these mistakes.

Mistake Number One: Not Hiring an Experienced Lawyer

We understand how easy it is to make this mistake. On the surface, fighting a DUI charge may not seem worth the cost of a lawyer. In reality, our goal is to save you money. Even if the only thing that can be done in your case is to prevent you from having to put ignition interlock devices in your car, we have saved you thousands of dollars. Often we are able to do more than that. Even if you think the odds are against you, we encourage you to discuss your case with us to find out how our
drunk driving defense strategies can help.

Mistake Number Two: Ignoring Your Right to Remain Silent

The things you say can and will be used against you. Do not admit guilt. Do not admit to having “just a few drinks.” Do not argue with the police officer. Do not worry that your side of the story is not being heard. Simply follow the instructions provided and contact us as soon as you have the chance. We will do the arguing for you. We will tell your side of the story.

Mistake Number Three: Waiting Too Long

This is a time-sensitive matter. If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), you should contact us as soon as possible. Waiting too long could lead to deadlines being missed to protect your driver’s license. Opportunities to strengthen your case could pass by. We encourage you to let us get to work immediately.

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