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The Most Serious Drunk Driving Charges

In Pennsylvania, DUI charges are almost always misdemeanors. Even with exceedingly high blood alcohol content (BAC) or prior offenses, DUI charges remain misdemeanors. The only factor that causes a drunk driving charge to escalate to felony level is serious injury or death. If you allegedly caused a motor vehicle accident because you were driving drunk, and the accident resulted in harm coming to the driver or passengers of another vehicle, or passengers of the vehicle you were driving, you may face felony DUI charges.

Life-Changing Penalties

The penalties that come with felony DUI charges are life-changing. A conviction could lead to high fines and long periods of incarceration. At Cherry DUI Law, we work hard to provide successful criminal defense in these challenging cases. Our lawyers bring decades of experience to the table, together with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and utilize all available options to achieve the best possible outcome.

What Were You Charged With?

Our attorneys defend against all felony drunk driving charges and related charges, including felony DUI injury, aggravated assault while under the influence and homicide while under the influence. Trial may be necessary in these cases. Rest assured that we will fight for you.

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