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Prescription and Over-The-Counter Medications May Cause Driving Impairment

It is not illegal to take your prescription medications or to take over-the-counter medications and get behind the wheel. However, if these medications impair your ability to drive, such as making you sleepy or overanxious, you may be charged with driving under the influence of drugs or DUI-D. If this occurs, you need the help of an experienced DUI defense attorney.

At Cherry DUI Law, we have decades of experience handling charges resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol and of drugs. We understand the differences in these cases, and we have the knowledge and skill to defend your rights.

In DUI-D cases, the burden of proof is on the prosecution and it is harder to prove the negative effects of medications because the evidence from the available tests is not as cut and dried as it is for breath tests, blood tests or urine tests. Our lawyers know many ways to challenge the evidence put forth by the prosecution and will fight for your rights and your freedom.

Pain Medication DUI Defense Attorneys for Pennsylvania

While any medication that causes impairment may be considered for a DUI-D charge, the most common medications are:

  • Sleeping pills such as Ambien or Lunesta
  • Pain medications such as Morphine, Oxycontin, Oxycodone or Codeine
  • Anti-anxiety medications such as Prozac, Zoloft or Xanax

Many of these medications take time to build up to a “therapeutic level” in a person’s system and reaction to these drugs may be unpredictable during this adjustment period. It is important to follow the directions on the prescription label while taking any of these drugs.

We understand that you never intended to do anything wrong by taking your regular medication. Our goal is to obtain the best possible outcome in your case, preferably avoiding conviction, and to get you back to your normal life as quickly and painlessly as we can.

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