Child Endangerment

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Penalties upon conviction for DUI are bad enough. You face a large fine, the suspension of your driver’s license and a possible jail sentence. But if a child was in your car at the time of your arrest, enhanced penalties will be imposed and you could lose your custody or visitation rights. If it’s your first DUI, it could prevent you from getting an ARD.

At Cherry DUI Law, we are skilled trial lawyers. We vigorously defend people accused of DUI child endangerment and other felony DUI charges.

If You Are Accused of Child Endangerment

While the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania considers DUI child endangerment to be a crime, we do not think that you are a criminal. You have rights, and we will do everything we can to help you overcome the charge.

Our attorneys will examine all aspects of your case, looking for a way to get the charge dismissed. We will pay particular attention to the vehicle stop and the police officer’s decision to proceed with the investigation. If we can show that the officer did not have probable cause to stop you, it may be possible to obtain a dismissal of the charge or a reduction to a nonalcohol driving offense. We will also look at the blood alcohol testing procedures and many other aspects of your case that could result in a positive outcome.

Just because your blood alcohol level was more than .08 does not make conviction a certainty. Cherry DUI Law, will fight for your rights and freedom.

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