Fatal DUI Accidents

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Conviction for vehicular homicide in Pennsylvania can result in a lengthy prison sentence. With the stakes high, you need a strong team of advocates on your side.

At Cherry DUI Law, we aggressively defend people accused of vehicular homicide and other felony DUI charges. Our attorneys thoroughly prepare each case, and they have the trial advocacy skills to defend you in the legal arena.

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Delaware & Chester County DUI Lawyers Fighting for Your Rights and Freedom

Our firm will undertake a comprehensive legal effort to protect your rights and preserve your freedom. Given the seriousness of the charge, this will very likely involve the use of experts in various disciplines, such as blood alcohol testing, toxicology and other specialists. We will mobilize all available resources in your defense.

Defending a Homicide by Vehicle Charge

In Pennsylvania, the official term for vehicular homicide is homicide by vehicle. If the prosecutor can show that the at-fault driver was impaired by alcohol or drugs, the driver faces a mandatory minimum three-year prison sentence, and possibly additional time. This is in addition to other DUI penalties.

When defending you, we will attempt to show that the accident happened for reasons other than your impairment. Our extensive experience in civil personal injury litigation could provide the edge in this regard. You can depend on Cherry DUI Law, for skillful and vigorous representation. We will fight for your rights and freedom.

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