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Attacking Blood and Urine Tests in Drunk Driving Cases

While breath tests tend to be the most common method for measuring blood alcohol content (BAC), blood and urine tests are also options. Like breath tests, if blood or urine test results show .08 BAC or higher, you will be charged with DUI. However, that does not mean you should plead guilty and accept your fate. The drunk driving charges can still be fought. The attorneys at Cherry DUI Law, know how to fight them.

Blood Tests Are the Most Accurate

The accuracy of blood tests is supported by the medical and scientific communities. While we agree that the test itself may provide an accurate measurement of blood alcohol content, we also know that even the most accurate test is worthless if administered incorrectly. When we take your case, we will make certain that regulations were followed in administering the blood test. Was the test conducted by qualified medical staff at a hospital or medical center? Was it transported and analyzed correctly? Any misstep could lead to dismissal of this evidence.

The Accuracy of Urine Tests Is Debatable

The same rules regarding the administration and handling of blood tests apply to urine tests. Any mishandling could lead to dismissal of this evidence. We believe that urine tests are flawed and inaccurate by nature. It is the criminal prosecutor’s responsibility to prove the accuracy of urine test results. We will hold them to that responsibility.

Our lawyers have decades of experience fighting DUI charges for people in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania. Count on us to get you justice.

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