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Attacking Breath Tests in Drunk Driving Cases

The most common method used to determine blood alcohol content (BAC) is the breath test, also known as the Breathalyzer test. If test results show .08 BAC or higher at the time of the traffic stop, you will be charged with DUI. Do not assume that breath tests are perfect though, or that their results are perfect. Any number of factors can make the results invalid.

How Breath Tests Work

Many people believe that breath tests measure the amount of alcohol in the blood. In reality, breath tests only provide an estimate of the amount of blood alcohol content. What they truly measure is the amount of alcohol on the breath.  Blood and urine tests are more accurate.

How We Fight Breath Test Results

At Cherry DUI Law, our lawyers understand that breath tests are flawed by nature. However, the results they provide are accepted as sufficient evidence to charge and convict someone of drunk driving. In order to fight breath test results, we must look closely at how the breath test was administered. Did the police officer use the Breathalyzer properly? Was the Breathalyzer calibrated correctly? Were there other physical factors present in the accused that could have thrown off the test results?

If we find any issues, we will seek to have the breath test results thrown out. This could lead to dismissal of DUI charges. We have decades of experience fighting DUI charges for people in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania. We know drunk driving defense strategies and how to use them to provide you with the justice you deserve.

Breath test refusal is a unique issue that comes with its own challenges. We do not recommend refusing to submit to a breath test.

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