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Attacking Chemical Tests in Drunk Driving Cases

When you are pulled over for suspicion of driving drunk, the police officer may require you to take a chemical test to register the amount of alcohol in your blood, commonly known as your blood alcohol content (BAC). If your BAC is .08 percent or higher, you will be charged with DUI.

These chemical tests are not always accurate and can be challenged in court. If you have been arrested and your chemical test showed a BAC over the legal limit, you have rights and you should see that they are enforced. Talk to a criminal defense attorney before talking to the police or agreeing to anything the police or the prosecution offer you.

At Cherry DUI Law, our lawyers understand that chemical tests can be improperly administered or be inaccurate for a variety of reasons. In the eyes of the law, chemical test results are enough to prove whether a person behind the wheel was drunk at the time of the arrest. Part of our DUI defense strategy is to challenge the accuracy of these tests. We look at how the tests were administered as well as factors surrounding the timing of the test and the officer’s conduct during the arrest.

We have challenged breath tests as well as blood and urine tests successfully in many cases and achieved a positive outcome for our clients.

Chemical Test Refusal Lawyers

When you applied for and received your driver’s license, you agreed to something known as implied consent. This means, if you are pulled over on suspicion of DUI, you automatically consent to field sobriety and chemical testing. If you refuse, your license is automatically suspended.

The arresting police officer is required to inform you that refusing a chemical test will result in the suspension of your license. If the officer never informed you of license suspension or if you feel that you never refused the chemical test, you need to tell your lawyer as your rights may have been violated during the arrest.

We look for all possible weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you. Our goal is the best possible outcome for you, preferably without a conviction on your record. We fight for your rights and your freedom.

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