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Felony Drunk Driving Charge Lands Former Lawmaker In Prison

There are a few different scenarios in which a person could face a felony drunk driving charge. Some of the scenarios have been described here in previous posts, such as driving while intoxicated and then causing an accident in which someone else is either injured or killed. Many Philadelphia felony DUI lawyers would probably say, however, that most felony DUI charges arise because of repeat offenses. That was the case for a former state lawmaker recently, as he was sentenced following a second DUI arrest in two years.

According to the report, this lawmaker had a previous arrest for DUI in 2011. His second arrest occurred in August of 2012, and the charges also included simple assault due to an argument which allegedly occurred between the former lawmaker and his wife. The report indicates that the man left the argument in his vehicle, at which time he was arrested for DUI.

Most people facing a first-time DUI arrest can expect a misdemeanor charge, which, if the case leads to a conviction, could result in a number of penalties, including alcohol abuse treatment, fines and a term of probation. However, a felony DUI carries the potential for a prison term, and, unfortunately for this former lawmaker, that is exactly what he received. He was sentenced to serve at least three months in prison for the DUI charge. He was set to begin the term of imprisonment on January 7.

The prospect of facing a prison term can be extremely disconcerting for most people. That is why anyone who is dealing with a repeat arrest for DUI should make sure they understand that the second time around is not like the first – a repeat arrest for DUI is usually a felony charge.

Source: NBC10 Philadelphia, “Former State Rep. Gets Prison for DUI,” Jan. 3, 2013