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Blood Draw Taken After Philadelphia Man Arrested On Dui Charges

A DUI blood test in Pennsylvania is usually done at a hospital by medical professionals. If a police officer is unable to get a viable sample of a person’s breath to test for blood alcohol content levels, a blood test is most often the next step. Philadelphia DUI blood test attorneys would tell our readers, however, that regardless of how exact this type of test may sound, there are certain aspects of the process that may be challenged in a court of law.

For a Philadelphia man facing DUI charges due to his recent arrest, the strategy of challenging BAC results may come into play if procedures weren’t followed. According to reports, the man, a 56-year-old Philadelphia resident, was arrested on May 5 in the early morning hours. He apparently caught the attention of authorities after he allegedly drove his pickup truck at a high rate of speed after entering the wrong lane of traffic. Police officers at the scene reportedly observed signs of intoxication from the suspect, including slurred speech and the smell of alcohol.

When the police conduct a traffic stop which leads to the suspicion that an individual may be driving under the influence they will usually attempt to get a breath sample at the scene. That apparently wasn’t an option in this case, and the man was transported to a local hospital for a blood draw.

These tests often take a few days for analyzing, so the man will likely have to wait for the results – and then see how his criminal case will proceed. If there are any problems with the sample, such as a broken chain of custody, the man’s defense strategy may include an attempt to suppress the test results.

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