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First Responder Facing Dui Charges Northeast Of Philadelphia

There are certain people out there in the world that we trust with our lives – even if we don’t know them. Philadelphia residents trust police to come to their aid if they are ever the victim of a crime, firefighters to respond if their lives and property are ever in jeopardy due to a residential fire and medical professionals to save their lives if they are ever unfortunate enough to face a significant injury. Because of the important roles these people fill in today’s society, any Philadelphia DUI attorney would probably be able to tell our readers that when an individual in this type of role finds themselves in hot water – including being arrested for DUI – that case is likely to garner a bit more significant news coverage.

That may be how it plays out in nearby Newtown, Pennsylvania, where an ambulance driver was recently arrested on DUI charges – charges incurred while he was on the job. The reports indicate that while this 30-year-old first-responder was driving an ambulance which was transporting a patient on April 14 he was involved in a minor traffic accident. While it appears that no one was injured in the accident, police officers responding to the scene allegedly detected indications of intoxication from the driver. Now, the ambulance driver has most likely been spending some time over the last few weeks looking for a good drunk driving defense attorney.

Anyone who is facing a DUI charge may also have to deal with other, more immediate consequences than potential jail and probation time. Oftentimes it is common for employers to fire employees shortly after an arrest – regardless of how the case ultimately turns out. The worst part about this is that it flies in the face of the long-held American ideal of “innocent until proven guilty.”

Facing DUI charges, as well as increased media scrutiny, can take a physical and emotional toll on an individual. But no matter what, every American citizen is entitled to their day in court. In every circumstance, crafting the right criminal defense strategy could play a part in at least partially restoring a person’s personal and professional reputations.

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