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High Speed Chase Ends In Philadelphia Two People Arrested

Some newsworthy events catch the public’s attention more than others, and high-speed chases are certainly high on that list. Any Philadelphia DUI attorney would probably be able to tell our readers than many of these types of situations end not only with reckless driving or eluding police charges, but also DUI charges. That appears to be the case in one recent incident in Philadelphia, when two people were arrested after allegedly leading police on a wild chase caught on camera by a news helicopter.

According to a recent report, this high-speed chase occurred after the two suspects stole a police cruiser right out from under the nose of an officer who was outside of his vehicle writing a ticket to another driver. The two suspects allegedly struck the officer with his own car as they fled, resulting in his hospitalization.

When the police cruiser was finally stopped, one of the suspects was reportedly able to escape custody and steal yet another police vehicle. As this suspect escaped on her own, she allegedly struck a pedestrian, and the police car also caught fire at one point. Once the pursuit finally ended the woman was taken into custody.

Even though these arrestees are probably looking for a drunk driving defense attorney right now, DUI charges are most likely the least of their worries. They will face a variety of other charges in a Philadelphia courtroom in the coming weeks, including resisting arrest.

When a DUI charge is complicated by other charges, or enhancements to the actual DUI charge, a criminal defense strategy can be difficult to plan. However, every defendant has options under the law, and the early days of a case can be the most crucial time to make decisions and set a strategy.

Source: KLTV, “Now You See It: Unbelievable high speed chase,” March 7, 2013