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Multiple Duis Lead To Serious Consequences

Pennsylvania takes drink and driving very seriously. Being convicted for driving under the influence carries serious consequences. Individuals convicted of DUI will face license suspension, fines and possible jail time. The repercussions don’t end there. DUI convictions will cause car insurance rates to skyrocket and could even impact future employment opportunities.

The penalties continue to increase with subsequent convictions. Individuals with a history of repeat DUI offenses may ultimately find themselves in prison. One Bucks County man is facing just such a scenario. Pennsylvania State Police charged the man with his ninth DUI after pulling him over in late August.

While the penalties for multiple DUIs do get steeper, they rarely become a felony unless someone has been injured or killed. Even with high a blood alcohol content, most DUIs in Pennsylvania are still treated as misdemeanors.

NBC Philadelphia reported the man’s blood alcohol content at 0.16, but the article did not specify whether the reading was from a breath test or from a blood and urine tests. Breath tests have numerous deficiencies. Most noteworthy is that they don’t actually measure the true BAC of an individual’s blood. They measure the alcohol on the breath alone.

In addition to the DUI charge, the man faces several other charges including a potential probation violation. At the time of his arrest, the man was serving his final year of probation stemming from a prior DUI charge in 2007. Officers also charged him with speeding and driving while uninsured.

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