Breathalyzers Questioned What Does It Mean For Philadelphia

A drunk driving defense attorney would be able to tell our readers that a significant issue is being argued in Pennsylvania right now, which could concern anyone who has been stopped for or arrested for DUI recently. The validity of breathalyzer tests have been called into question, and, according to a recent article, the state […]

Multiple Duis Lead To Serious Consequences

Pennsylvania takes drink and driving very seriously. Being convicted for driving under the influence carries serious consequences. Individuals convicted of DUI will face license suspension, fines and possible jail time. The repercussions don’t end there. DUI convictions will cause car insurance rates to skyrocket and could even impact future employment opportunities. The penalties continue to […]

Pennsylvania State Police Make String Of Dui Arrests

At the beginning of the Pennsylvania State Police made a string of DUI arrests in the greater Philadelphia area. Often police make DUI arrests after pulling a driver over for another reason. In some instances, a driver may be arrested after getting into an accident. One of the arrests was the result of a single-vehicle […]