Philadelphia Police Officer Injured In Suspected Dui Incident

Many states have taken extra steps to protect law enforcement officers who are engaged in traffic stops on the side of the road. In most cases, states will require drivers to move over one lane away from the traffic stop, which will allow the law enforcement officer more room and hopefully prevent any accidental collisions […]

Multiple Duis Lead To Serious Consequences

Pennsylvania takes drink and driving very seriously. Being convicted for driving under the influence carries serious consequences. Individuals convicted of DUI will face license suspension, fines and possible jail time. The repercussions don’t end there. DUI convictions will cause car insurance rates to skyrocket and could even impact future employment opportunities. The penalties continue to […]

Us Supreme Court To Hear Case On Warrantless Blood Test For Dui

Can police officers forcibly take blood from a person suspected of driving under the influence in order to preserve the evidence? That is the question headed to the United States Supreme Court after a Missouri man challenged the evidence obtained from a blood test administered against his will and without a warrant. The Supreme Court’s […]

College Bound Kids Facing New Temptations Risk Underage Dui In Pa

Parties and heavy drinking are seen for many as a rite of passage as young students head-off to college each fall. Despite the efforts of school administrators, college students continue to test their limits with alcohol. Unfortunately, many do not realize they’ve crossed the threshold until after they get pulled over. While it is difficult […]

Philadelphia City Council Employees Arrested For Dui In City Cars

Saturday night was a rough night for two city staffers in the City of Brotherly Love. Not only were they arrested under suspicion of driving while intoxicated, but now they face the prospect of losing their jobs. The receptionist for the President of the City Council called a sergeant-at-arms for help after swiping both a […]

Croydon Man Faces Dui Charges After Failing To Stop For Police

Before anyone is pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence, an officer is observing a driver’s behavior behind the wheel. Excessive speeding, failing to signal and erratic driving on the road are all behaviors that many of us would consider bad driving, but for police officers, they are an invitation to pull a […]

If Youve Had Two Drinks Stay Away From Two Wheels

“Biker bars” are a phenomenon of the motorcycle subculture. For many bikers, consuming alcohol and the thrill of riding go hand in hand. Despite this trend, statistics show that drinking and riding don’t mix well-at all. Motorcyclists who drink and ride not only risk the possibility of getting pulled over for a DUI, they also […]

Police In Pennsylvania Gear Up For Dui Arrests Over Upcoming Holidays

When it comes to drinking and driving, police in Pennsylvania are on the lookout. That means from time to time police engage in additional training to learn how to better spot and handle drunk driving situations. It also means officers are learning about proper procedure when it comes to making an arrest. While many people […]