Pennsylvania Program Offers Alternative Drunk Driving Sentence

Being suspected of drunk driving can be a very scary experience. In addition to potential jail time and heavy fines, those convicted in Pennsylvania on DUI charges may have their driver’s license suspended or revoked, which can prevent them from getting to work. In some Pennsylvania counties, however, a new alternative to the traditionally mandated […]

College Bound Kids Facing New Temptations Risk Underage Dui In Pa

Parties and heavy drinking are seen for many as a rite of passage as young students head-off to college each fall. Despite the efforts of school administrators, college students continue to test their limits with alcohol. Unfortunately, many do not realize they’ve crossed the threshold until after they get pulled over. While it is difficult […]

Professional Athlete To Enter Diversionary Program For First Time Dui

National Football League player, Aaron Berry will enter a diversionary program in Pennsylvania for first-time DUI offenders. Last month, the Detroit Lions’ cornerback was involved in a multiple-vehicle accident involving alcohol in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. On June 23, Berry was driving in Harrisburg when he failed to stop and ran into two unattended cars parked […]