College Bound Kids Facing New Temptations Risk Underage Dui In Pa

Parties and heavy drinking are seen for many as a rite of passage as young students head-off to college each fall. Despite the efforts of school administrators, college students continue to test their limits with alcohol. Unfortunately, many do not realize they’ve crossed the threshold until after they get pulled over. While it is difficult […]

Philadelphia City Council Employees Arrested For Dui In City Cars

Saturday night was a rough night for two city staffers in the City of Brotherly Love. Not only were they arrested under suspicion of driving while intoxicated, but now they face the prospect of losing their jobs. The receptionist for the President of the City Council called a sergeant-at-arms for help after swiping both a […]

Assemblymans Refusal Shows Confusion Over Breath Test Refusal

Folks who are pulled over for drinking and driving often get confused on the significance of refusing to take a breath test. In Pennsylvania, the refusal of a breath test or a blood or urine test can come with additional penalties beyond a charge for DUI. Recently, the confusion over the refusal of a breath […]