Pedestrian Killed In Alleged Dui Accident In Philadelphia

Most drunk driving charges are misdemeanors. This is usually true in Pennsylvania and most other states. First-time offenders most often do not end up facing a felony drunk driving charge, unless there are certain circumstances surrounding the offense which would up the charge. Philadelphia felony DUI lawyers would probably be able to tell anyone that […]

Pennsylvania County Makes Special Effort Against Drunk Drivers

How concerned are local law enforcement officials about drinking and driving? Any Philadelphia DUI attorney would probably be able to tell our readers that many have dedicated squads with special training in detecting drunk drivers and enforcing DUI laws. This is true throughout the country, not just in Pennsylvania. However, one particular part of Pennsylvania, […]

Breathalyzers Questioned What Does It Mean For Philadelphia

A drunk driving defense attorney would be able to tell our readers that a significant issue is being argued in Pennsylvania right now, which could concern anyone who has been stopped for or arrested for DUI recently. The validity of breathalyzer tests have been called into question, and, according to a recent article, the state […]

Three Dui Arrests In Pennsylvania During 24 Hour Period

Most of our Philadelphia readers probably think that DUI arrests are some of the most common that police make, and they may be right. There is no doubt that even though many states, including Pennsylvania, consider drinking and driving to be one of the main focuses of policing the nation’s roadways, there are still thousands […]

Pennsylvania Officials Case May Turn On Reliability Of Evidence

Our readers who are familiar with Philadelphia DUI field tests probably know that there are a number of different techniques used during this process, including a breath test for determining a person’s blood alcohol content, commonly known as a breathalyzer test. Although by no means the only technique used during field sobriety tests in Philadelphia, […]

Arrest In Philadelphia After Woman Allegedly Crashes Into Store

If any of our readers find themselves looking for a drunk driving defense attorney, obviously something has gone wrong at some point. A DUI arrest can come with instant ramifications, including a license suspension or termination from employment. However, almost any Philadelphia DUI attorney would tell our readers that a DUI arrest is also one […]

Felony Drunk Driving Charge Lands Former Lawmaker In Prison

There are a few different scenarios in which a person could face a felony drunk driving charge. Some of the scenarios have been described here in previous posts, such as driving while intoxicated and then causing an accident in which someone else is either injured or killed. Many Philadelphia felony DUI lawyers would probably say, […]

Philadelphia Area Sees An Increase In Christmas Time Dui Arrests

Some of our Philadelphia readers may have seen a previous post here which detailed the efforts that would be taken by state and local police departments to step up DUI enforcement during the holiday season. Any Philadelphia DUI attorney would probably have known about this increase in patrols and checkpoints, and advised both existing and […]